PVC stretch film reels for food packaging with personalized printing and different customized features. Transparency, stretching and self-wrapping propriety are some of the peculiarity of the PVC laminated film.These features allow to PVC stretch film to satisfy all the requirements both for food contact suitability (in consideration of respecting hygiene measures and migration limits according to laws that rules on this matter) and for its specific suitability (to protect from external and environmental contamination as well as to preserve all organoleptic properties of products packed).

The principal innovation of PVC stretch film reel manufactured by Rotoflex is its double layer, for a better mechanical protection to guarantee great saving on consumables goods.

A perfect balance of gas permeability features (oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour) assures to keep freshness and organoleptic features for the whole shelf life of food packed with our PVC stretch film. Whit its excellent transparency, brightness and low thickness, this film is particularly suitable for automated wrapping machines.


Thickness Yeld Width
mm Gr/m2 m2/Kg mm
0.014 17,36 57,60 250÷500
0.015 18,45 54,20 250÷500
0.016 19,68 50,81 250÷500


Film with high tear resistance, stretching and wrapping capacity. Permeable to oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour, with antifog properties. Excellent transparency and brightness, with low thickness this film is particularly advantageous used on automated wrapping machines.


Density gr/cm ³ 1,23
Tensile strength at break MD – ASTM D882 MPa 45-50
Tensile strength at break TD - ASTM D882 Mpa 35-40
Elongation at break MD - ASTM D882 % 280-330
Elongation at break TD - ASTM D882 % 370-420
1% Secant modulus - ASTM D882 Mpa 22-24
1% Secant modulus - ASTM D882 MPa 12-13
Static coefficient of friction – NF T54 112 0,30-0,40
Dynamic coefficient of friction – NF T54 112 0,15-0,20
Gloss 45% - ASTM 2457 % 125-135
Haze - ASTM 1003 0,7-1,3
Oxygen rate transmission – GPM 500 l/m2/24h/1atm 12
Dioxide rate transmission – GPM 5000 l/m2/24h/1atm 70
Water vapour rate transmission
NF H 00-44 38°C 90% umidity

All elements used for this film, are suitable for food contact and in compliance to European Directive 2002/72/EC, and amendments.

This product is suitable for direct contact with the following food categories, as listed in the EU Directive 85/572/EEC:

02.01-02.02-02.03-02.04-02.05-02.06 – cereal products, confectionery, biscuits, cakes and other baked goods;

03.01-03.02A-03.03A – chocolate and sugar products, confectionery; 04.01-04.02A-04.03-04.04-04.05A – fruits, vegetables and derived products;

06.03-06.04 – meat of all zoological species; 08.02-08.08-08.10-08.11-08.16-08.17 – different products.

Contact with pure fats and oils it is not allowed.